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A4 Tech

 A4 Tech is now a worldwide leader and recognized brand in the computer peripheral market. A4 Tech is continually researching and developing cutting Edge technology for the IT consumer market. A4 Tech turns yesterdays fiction into today’s reality, our principles are to continue bringing forth new ideas and innovation technology in the future.


Holtek is primarily a Cable and accessories supplier, and is one of the world leading manufacturer of Audio and Video cables. Holtek is ISO 9001 and 200) internationally certified and offers 100% testing of all cables before shipping. Their speciality is HDMI, USB, Cat 5/6, dvi. Their R & D department ensures that they can meet any request promptly. Micropack has been appointed exclusive distributor for South Africa and surrounding African countries.


Aidata focuses on IT accessories and peripheral related products, unique design, high quality and accurate ergonomics. Aidata aims to develop new products in a wide range every year with complete solutions to meet a changing IT office world.


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